Making use of unused space

Company Sector: Medical technology

Location: Swindon

Reason/Aim of the Project:

We were thrilled to be asked to complete this project. The client wanted to add informal meeting spaces to their existing site. A reduce in desks allowed space for an innovative design. Multiple meeting spaces were required, that allowed collaboration, easy communication, and privacy. The client had an existing, overarching colour scheme, so it was important for us to choose colours that complimented this, and adhered to bring guidelines.

Team Comments on the project:

It was important this space could be used for multiple meetings, all of which could be happening simultaneously. We had to consider noise levels, and privacy, and after discussions within the team at Elm, we decided to use pods. As you can see from the images, pods provide an excellent meeting space whilst keeping a space looking stylish and modern. These pods were chosen based on their style, but also their performance. The open pods allow a space for informal meetings, and the enclosed pod provides greater privacy. As well as introducing pods to the space, we specified other breakout furniture in the form of soft seating.

When creating a design for the soft seating areas we had to consider acoustics. This area needed to be separated from the working zones, however we felt it important to continue with a modern style. Ceiling mounted acoustic dividers seamlessly integrated with this design, and still allowed a flow of natural light.

This area also included a kitchenette, and is a great example of how our expert designers transformed an unused space into an area that adds value.

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