Creating a functional reception and storage area for Oxford Uni

Company Sector: Education – University

Location: Oxford

Date: December 2019

Reason/Aim of the Project:

To take a former reception/storage area and create a functional, visually pleasing breakout area for the staff to take some much-needed time out of their busy days.
Our aim was to ensure that the breakout area was attractive meanwhile in keeping with the university. We also needed to source furniture that was easy to maintain in a heavily used and busy environment.

Team Comments on the project:

Elm worked with the Project Coordinator to first of all come up with a layout plan. The product was then chosen and Elm produced a number of 3D renders to help the client decide on the final selection of colours and finishes.

The colours were a key part of this project, the walls featured a transitioning Orange to Purple gradient around the room itself. We then sourced and matched all of the furniture to this colour scheme.

The furniture was from various different suppliers which made it tricky to get it all to match. We are super happy with how the project turned out – the Breakout Room features Soft Seating, Bar Stools and more traditional Dining Chairs.

We hope the staff enjoy the new vibrant transformation and here at Elm we are pleased with just how well the colours work together.

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