Pharmaceutical Canteen Swindon

Company Sector: Pharmaceutical

Location: Swindon

Reason/Aim of the Project:

Understanding the importance of staff well-being, our client extended their building to create a new staff canteen breakout space.

We were delighted to be working with the client as lead designers for the project. The priority in the brief was to create an environment for staff, that ensures that they feel valued. Providing spaces to recharge and disconnect from pressures, spaces that will nurture a sense of community and spaces that inspire innovation and drive productivity.

By providing various engaging zones we were able to cater for many requirements. Furnishing an area with soft seating and a slightly dimmer floor area we accomplished a cosy coffee shop feel. We provided banquette seating for groups, in a brighter, naturally lit, floor area. Varying the dining options with a mix of dinning and poseur height tables, we were able to meet the needs for all staff.

We installed a DIY zone for staff members who wish to bring in their own homemade lunches, furnished with two microwaves and under-counter fridges, pleasantly accompanied by DIY signage on the wall.

The same signage on the wall for a Vending area, for those who wish to just grab and go.

Following the same signage on the wall, we highlighted a Recycling area and have installed a Condiment unit, designed to include Recycling bins to encourage Sustainability.

The main serving counter is a bespoke counter, designed by us.

For the final details and to bind the scheme together, we specified the furniture and products to enhance the impact. Carefully selecting the finishes, the artwork and pendant lighting and further topping the design off with moss panels and signage to deliver a wow factor for the staff.

The design team produced 2D space plans, colour and materials scheme, 3D conceptual to sign off visuals and Setting out plans.

Watch the Magic happen…

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