Tidworth Civic Centre

Company Sector: Public Sector

Location: Tidworth

Reason/Aim of the Project:

It was a pleasure to be involved in a comprehensive and well-thought-out design project for the Tidworth Civic Centre. Collaborating with Oxford Architects and the Tidworth Council, Our Designers took into account various factors such as accessibility, regulations, functionality, and the overall structural design of the building and its surroundings, including the war memorial.

Our attention to detail is evident in the specified products and the flowing colour scheme, which incorporates pops of the client’s brand colours to enhance the aesthetics of the purpose-built Civic Centre. The Design team considered not only the interior spaces but also the grounds and the war memorial demonstrates a holistic approach to the project.

The successful coordination of multiple meetings, including virtual meetings via Zoom, on-site visits, and a visit to the manufacturer’s showrooms, highlights our commitment to ensuring that the final products and finishes meet the project’s requirements. This thorough process contributes to creating an environment that stands the test of time.

The diverse elements of the project, such as the Staff Working Area, Meeting Rooms, Mother and Baby unit, Flexible Function Room, Mall Hall, Terrace, and Public Café Area, showcase a comprehensive and inclusive design that caters to various needs and purposes within the Civic Centre.

Our installation experts brought the project to life installing and the products within all the areas over two days.

Overall, this well-executed and thoughtful design process, results in a Civic Centre that not only meets functional requirements but also contributes to the overall aesthetic and longevity of the space.

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