University of Oxford – Manor Road (3rd Floor) – Flexible Working Area Design and Installation

Company Sector: Education – University

Location: Oxford

Reason/Aim of the Project:

To design a flexible working area to encourage staff to return to the office.

We worked with our client to design the layout to improve productivity and specify products that are fit for purpose and blend into the environment, ensuring we make the most of the natural light.

Our design team created 3 different working areas within a single space; quiet working, Individual focus space and flexible group working zone, which can be a reconfigured from a group of 8 to two groups of 4.

To help with the overall acoustics our design team specified both wall and ceiling mounted acoustics feature panels. Not only do these help to create different working zones they also have an effect on the rooms acoustics, help those who need to focus.

We also provided storage including personal lockers and coat storage.

The installation team completed the install over two site visits, this included OCEE design’s Den honeycombs pods and acoustic feature panels, connection seating sofas and Gresham office furniture desking, storage, tables, and chairs.

Watch the Magic happen…

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