Choosing The Right Office Desk Lamp & Other Office Desk Accessories

Choosing The Right Office Desk Lamp & Other Office Desk Accessories

When you’re working at a desk, you need to have sufficient lighting to work properly. Working in a badly lit room can negatively impact motivation and concentration. Bad lighting also puts more strain on your eyes. Having an office desk lamp can give you extra light and help you stay focused when working on complicated tasks. If you’re not sure what type of desk lamp is best for you, here are the features you should look out for (and some other desk accessories you should really have).

What Type Of Office Lamp Should I Use?

Desk lamps are really beneficial when you need some focused light. In most cases, overhead office lights work just fine. But you need to consider that office lights can’t be too bright. Strong lighting can cause glare and reflections which puts stress on the eyes. Employers and office managers are responsible for ensuring their office lighting is correctly set up so it benefits productivity and morale.

A desk lamp is a crucial office accessory when you need some extra lighting. If you’re unable to do your job successfully because it’s too dark, you need a desk light.

There are many types of office desk lights available, so which do you choose? You need to pick a style that suits your needs. If you need to use a lamp on a rare occasion, there is no need to invest in a high tech lamp which would be better suited to an architect.

Just like when choosing any type of desk accessory, there are several factors you need to consider when picking an office desk lamp to help you choose the right one.

Size Of Lamp

How much desk space is available? Lamps come in a range of different sizes. You don’t want a lamp that takes up half of your desk; it will be a nuisance.

Size Of Bulb

A lamp that has a small bulb will provide less light compared to a larger lamp with a bigger bulb. Think about what you need the lamp for. If you need an extra light while writing notes, a smaller lamp may be sufficient. However, if you’re editing complex architectural plans, then you will require a larger light.

Design Of The Lamp

Nowadays, there are many styles of lamps. There are lamps designed to be artistic, futuristic, retro, classic, minimalistic, and many more. If you buy an artistic lamp when your office design is rather plain, your lamp will look out of place. When choosing a desk lamp, it needs to be in keeping with the rest of the office’s aesthetic design.


Some lamps are available with adjustable features. You can lower the bulb and bring it closer to your work. You can also turn the direction of the bulb to help you see inside awkward or technical equipment.


While you may want to buy the best lamp available, you don’t want to buy an expensive lamp if it’s rarely going to be used. Just like when buying any desk accessory, the amount you pay for it, will most likely determine how long it lasts and how useful it will be. If you need a lamp that you can use everyday, it’s recommended you invest in a high quality and well-reviewed lamp.

What Other Accessories Should I Have On My Desk?

It’s the case for most employees, when an employee starts a new job, they get plenty of accessories for their desk. At first, this can help them settle in but a few weeks down the road it can cause unnecessary clutter. Messy offices are a detriment to productivity. Space on a desk is valuable so every item on your desk should have a function.

Of course, you should have pens and notepads but what other desk accessories are useful additions?


If you have a wall you can use over your desk, then a noticeboard is a useful accessory. It gives you a place to stick any useful information, rather than letting it clutter up your desk. Think about what size noticeboard you want before you buy. Whiteboards are also another beneficial accessory to have on your desk. Instead of scribbling notes on paper, you can write anything important or time-sensitive on your whiteboard.

Cable Spines

If your desk is busy with wires, cable management systems like cable spines are an effective means of tidying up long and messy wires. Too many wires can cause a potential trip hazard but they also make your workspace look untidy and unorganised. If you don’t have a cable management system, adopt some wire management accessories to keep them under control.

USB Electric Fan

If your office gets too hot, or you’re the odd one who always seems to be boiling, then having a small fan is an essential desk accessory. The small size and the fact it plugs into a USB means it takes minimal space. Make sure you look for a fan that is silent. Often with larger fans they can be noisy and disruptive.

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