Design & Installation Of Furniture In New Bristol Offices [VIDEO]

Design & Installation Of Furniture In New Bristol Offices [VIDEO]

Here’s a video showcasing a recent project which Elm Workspace completed to fit-out a new office in Bristol.


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As part of the successful tender process, we put together a full size mockup of key elements of the new office. This meant that staff could see in the flesh, so to speak, what their office environment would look and feel like if they chose

Elm Workspace to complete the project.

This was so helpful that our tender bid was successful and we completed the design and installation of furniture in the offices.

The project had a short turnaround and tight deadlines, as well as the added complication that the building had no service lifts available for use. This meant that hundreds of individual pieces of furniture had to be transported to the upper levels by hand.

The coordination of storage, unpacking and ensuring everybody worked safely was a serious challenge. But one which our team passed with flying colours.

Work stations were assembled in the open plan areas of the office, using sound absorbing and deflecting dividing screens to help achieve some levels of privacy. Adjustable and standing desks were also installed, to offer users a choice in  how to set up their workstation. This is an important consideration which helps improve office morale.

Staff social and breakout areas were installed with a mix of communal desk seating and soft, curved bench seating. This provides a variety of flexible options; something which, again, is important. A proper breakout area is a must in the modern office in order to encourage staff to take health and productivity boosting breaks, and make staff feel valued.

In the reception area, a bespoke desk unit was installed to create a welcoming and stylish first impression to any visitors arriving at the office.

Video Transcript:

“The successful tender by Elm Workspace for the space planning and design of these Bristol offices included a full size office mockup for staff to try out.

With tight deadlines and no lifts in operation, the team had to resort to people power to unload. Effective project organisation was critical with hundred of individual pieces of furniture delivered together.

Work stations were carefully assembled.

The staff social areas were completed.

And the bespoke reception desk put in place.

The result? A sylish, comfortable and efficient office environment.”

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