Elm Workspace deliver another stunning university refurbishment within Oxford

Elm Workspace deliver another stunning university refurbishment within Oxford

The Hands Building (formerly known as Love Lane) has been named in recognition of the generous support of Guy (PPE, 1978) and Julia Hands MBE. It incorporates 74 en-suite study bedrooms, and a 160 seat lecture auditorium that will be used for a range of activities such as lectures, seminars, as a cinema, moot court and performing arts space. It has been wonderful to see our student move in at the start of this academic year.

It is also home to The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, which has a seminar room, reading room, study and office spaces. Working in partnership with the Faculty of Law and the new Director, Justice Kate O’Regan, this dynamic global research institute brings together world-class scholars and practitioners with an active interest in bridging the divide between theory and practice in human rights.


The building, designed by Rick Mather Architects, is an exemplar for student and academic accommodation, and a model off sustainability, which will significantly reduce the running costs for the College.


Elm worked with the clients to ensure that the furniture added to the ambiance of the building. The tables designed for the reading room were a bespoke solution which was put together in conjunction with the institute and our design team lead by Gary Foy.

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