Get the X Factor! 8 factors to finding the perfect office

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Get the X Factor! 8 factors to finding the perfect office

What makes the perfect office? If you asked a group of people you’d likely get a list of different responses.  Finding the perfect office can seem like an unachievable task when there are so many factors to consider but if you know what to look for – your dream office can be found. You know when it’s time to move office so here is what you need to look for to help you find the perfect office.

Get an office with extra space

Starting with the most important, the right office space for your business is the biggest priority. Is there enough space? What facilities does the office provide? The interior space needs to comfortably fit your employees and if you’re hoping to increase your work force, it might be worthwhile buying an office with extra space. Some office leases tie you in for a set number of years and you don’t want your business growth to be stumped because your office isn’t big enough for your team.

When looking at potential offices, ask yourself if the office will fit what you need in the next 3 – 5 years. It can be expensive moving offices because of the time it takes to move: your business needs to temporarily close, your employees aren’t able to work and then there’s the extra expenses from moving your office furniture. Find an office that will be the perfect  base for the next few years.

The interior office design is (or will be) 10/10

When finding the perfect office, the interior might already be designed and furnished or you might need to get your own designers in. Either way the interior of your office has to reflect your company’s brand and it needs to be impressive. If you’re not impressed when you walk in, it’s unlikely your customers will be impressed too. Getting your office designed and furnished is the path to the perfect office. Before you buy, enquire with the landlord  if the office interior can be changed and if your plans can be achieved in that building.

Here are some examples of the best office design – use these for inspiration to make your office stand out!

The office has no hidden problems

It’s terrible when you move into a new home to discover the neighbours are terrible.  You don’t want to move into your dream office to discover there are some hidden faults. The agent will unlikely share any problems with you so you can do some extra digging by contacting the business who was there before you.  This research can stop you from making a terrible mistake or just confirm this is the ideal office for you.

The office has special access

Is the office design considerate for employees who need special access? If you have an employee with a disability, under the Equality Act 2010, they have the right to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace. Like getting special equipment to avoid them being put at a disadvantage. Make sure the office is suitable for employees who may need special requirements or facilities. Is there a lift? Are there a disabled toilets? Are the doorways wide enough?

If you find an office that doesn’t offer these special requirements, estimate how much it will cost to make the changes. That way, you can see if you’re still within your budget.

The appearance of the office suits the brand

You’ve gone to look around some new offices, and before you even step inside, what’s your first impression of the outside? Does the building have any character? Does it give a positive impression? Would you find yourself judging the company because of the office they’re working in? You’ve heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and customers will judge your business by the appearance of your office.

The look of the office needs to suit your brand. If you’re a creative marketing agency, get an office building with some character.

Location, Location, Location

What’s around the office? There are pro’s and con’s to many office locations. If your business is the middle of nowhere it can make your business isolated from the city bustle  but you’ve likely got more outside space to enjoy nature. Whilst in the city, there are the con’s of rush hour traffic and noise pollution.

So, which is better, a city centre location or in the middle of the countryside? Before you even start looking at office spaces, consider your location carefully. It is usually cheaper to move to a rural location compared to an office in the city. City centre offices have higher prices because they are competitively sought after.

  • In the centre of London an office space of 500 sq ft can cost £1,450 calendar month.
  • Whilst a rural office in Hampshire can cost £500 a calendar month with 1300 sq ft of space.

You can get more for your money if you’re in a rural setting but you are away from the benefits a city has to offer like shops and direct transport links.

Finding the perfect office is easy if you can get a location with an equal balance – near a city location and with the perks of the countryside. Make sure all the useful amenities like shops are within walking distance. A great location can help maintain a positive morale for your employees.

There’s access to a car park

It’s hard to get an office with their own private car park especially when you’re located in the city centre.  As more employees are driving to work, it’s handy to have your own car park and this is also ideal for when customers come over to visit you.  Finding offices with their own parking tends to be easier in more rural areas.

In the city, most businesses can’t get their own parking and have to use public  car parks with pay and display parking. These can be very expensive for your employees to use everyday. If public car parks are your only option, find out if you can get parking permits for your employees.

Located near public transport

Getting an office which is near different transport routes is ideal. Offices that are near major bus and train routes are always in popular demand  because they are easily accessible for customers and employees to reach you.

Some people like to do research about a business before they apply for a job. They may get put off the job if they discover your office is in the middle of nowhere. Having to cope with a long commute to get to work everyday can be stressful for some employees and they might not be willing to stay in their job for long if the commute is making them unhappy.

It can be difficult to find the perfect office especially when there are so many businesses also looking for the right workspace for their company. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices but if you achieve a balance of these different factors, your new office will be perfect.

Offices have changed over the last few decades, offices look different and employees expect more. Find out how offices work in the 21st century in our FREE downloadable eBook so you have everything you need to know when starting a new business.

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