How To Prepare Your Employees For An Office Move [With Download]

How To Prepare Your Employees For An Office Move [With Download]

Moving to an office isn’t just a big step for you and your business, it’s also a big step for your employees. Moving to a different work space and a different location can have a major impact on your staff’s morale.  You need to be prepared for the fact some staff members may be unwilling to move. Here is how to prepare your employees for an office move without causing major disruptions.

How To Prepare Your Staff For An Office Move

  1. Issue A Company Wide Message About Moving
  2. Keep Your Staff Regularly Updated
  3. Request Feedback Regularly
  4. Tell Your Staff The Benefits Of Moving
  5. Get Staff Involved In The Move

Before we dive into explaining the above steps in more detail, make sure you are approaching the whole project full above board.

Employee’s Rights In An Office Relocation 

When a business announces their decision to move to another office, employees will need to check the ‘mobility clause’ in their contracts.

If a contract has a mobility clause, it will say employees have to move unless the request is unreasonable. For example:

Giving your staff 1 day’s notice to move from Manchester to Bristol would be unreasonable.

However if there is no mobility clause in the employee’s contract, they have the choice on whether they want to move or not.

Employers can make any employees redundant if they’re unwilling to move.

There are different ways you can help prepare your staff for an office relocation so all of your employees will follow the business.


How To Prepare Your Staff For An Office Move

1) Issue Company Wide Message About Moving

Once you have decided to move offices, you need to tell your employees. All staff must be notified. Organise a company meeting and send emails to explain what is happening.  

Employees should be informed early on when you decide to move work premises. This gives them ample time to prepare travel routes and consider their options.

2-6 months is enough time for your staff to prepare for moving.


Don’t be surprised if you see acts of resistance when you reveal the news. Some people will be settled where they are and won’t be happy to hear they’re going to move.  Make sure you give your employees plenty of time. It’s unreasonable to ask your staff to move with a small notice period.

Many office moves can take between 6 months to 1 year. 

2) Keep Your Staff Regularly Updated

Put up signs and send regular emails to keep all staff informed about the moving process. Employees can get upset or lose trust in the business if they feel like they’re not being told everything.

Moving office is a big step for you AND your employees. It’s a change of location and opportunities. Nobody wants to be kept out of the loop, once you know what day the office will close, let all your employees know. Any other relevant updates should be explained to your staff.

 3) Request Feedback Regularly

Employees will have questions about the move and they may even have some advice. Encourage your employees to ask you any questions or feedback they have.

Moving to a new workspace is stressful and it can be especially stressful for your staff. Offer a chance for your staff to ask any questions: this could be in a group meeting or invite them to send you an email.

It’s important employees feel like they can approach you and talk to you about how they’re feeling. 

4) Tell Your Staff The Benefits Of Moving

It’s possible some of your employees won’t be entirely happy about the office move. If that’s the case you need to help them focus on the benefits. Remind them of the benefits they will receive from the office move.

For example:

  • Increased office size
  • Better location
  • Car parking spaces
  • More transport routes

Some employees may decide not to follow the business if they feel the office move will be a detriment to them. Focus on the benefits and it will help staff see the benefits of moving to another work space.

5) Get Staff Involved In The Move

Employees will want to know if they need to help during the office move. Some of your staff would appreciate to be involved in the process, it makes them feel more valued. Just asking their opinions on the new office designs will be appreciated.  

Stay Organised With A Checklist

Our ultimate office move checklist covers every aspect you have to prepare for.  You can track your move with our printable checklist so you don’t miss any important steps.



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