Office Space Design Ideas For Facilities Managers & Heads Of Property

Office Space Design Ideas For Facilities Managers & Heads Of Property

When it comes to designing your office space, it needs to fulfil its primary purpose: to be a supportive work environment for staff. Your office should benefit productivity, concentration and morale. Along with these factors, it’s understandable you want the new office design to come within budget and be durable. Here are some office space design ideas you can use for inspiration to get the best out of your workspace without stretching the budget.

Design Ideas: How To Get The Best Out Of Your Office Space

Effective Layouts

If you have a small office, you need to make sure every bit of space is effectively used. Dead space is a waste. When you think about how much an office costs to run, you cannot afford to have any wasted areas.

In the diagram below, it shows how positioning your furniture together can help you use all your space effectively.

If you have a larger office, you have more room to play with. But you should still avoid having any dead space, because dead space invites clutter and removes potential.

Consider your layout to get the best out of your space. Consider what type of furniture you should use. Your office design will impact employee productivity so it’s important you plan your layout carefully.

Partitions Help Break Up Work Zones

One of the main benefits of a large open office is that it encourages employees to work collaboratively and communicate. While office cubicles can make employees feel isolated, open offices are the opposite. However there are some cons to open offices, there are no quiet areas to work.

Building dividing walls can get expensive. To save your budget, you can use partition walls instead.

Partition walls can be used to divide work spaces and give employees areas to work without being disturbed. These areas can also be used for meetings.

Breakout Seating To Provide Additional Workspaces

More offices are adopting breakout furniture into their office space design. Breakout seating encourages staff to relax away from their desks and to also use different areas to work. Having breakout furniture in the office can positively impact the overall appearance of an office. Visiting clients and visitors will be impressed by the investment you’ve made into the appearance of your office.

Another major benefit of breakout seating is that they can also be used to break up work zones. If you don’t want to use partition screens, you can instead use breakout seating or bookshelves to break up areas.

Bench Desks Are Effective For Saving Space

Along with carefully deciding the layout of your office, you can save space (and costs) by utilising bench desks. These bank of desks are connected together so no space is wasted. They are ideal for teams who have to work together because they help encourage colleagues to discuss ideas and work as a team.



Need help choosing the best furniture for your office? Check out our guide to picking the perfect desk

 Each desk is different. If you want to choose a desk that is supportive and worth the price tag, our guide helps you find the right desk for your needs.

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