What Type Of Car Are Your And Your Colleagues In The Office?

What Type Of Car Are Your And Your Colleagues In The Office?

We have already written about what type of dog you and your colleagues are based on workplace personalities and how they work, however we wanted to take this in a different direction. Now, we could have written about cats as they are the next big thing, but we wanted your next office party to be, well, different.  So the question beckons, how do you link up workplace personalities to car types?

You may have seen similar car quizzes before, where you answer a set of questions based on things you like before it reveals your ideal car; but I bet you haven’t heard of finding out what type of car you are based on how you work.

To get creative, you could use the information within this post to come up with a quiz for office party-starter. You could even allow your colleagues to guess which car each colleague would be. There’s nothing like a fun 10 minute quiz to boost morale and productivity in the office.


The main factor behind Hybrid cars is that they’re environmentally friendly.  Hybrids allow the owner to save money in the long term as they don’t have to worry about rising fuel costs.

Within the workplace, the hybrid employee would be someone who is considerate of others and their workplace surroundings, just like the hybrid looks after the environment. As hybrid cars are becoming a more popular car of choice year-on-year, it’s a similar case in the office and like the cars, these employees are always sought after to avoid things going wrong. They are reliable and trusted to do the right thing. Hybrids don’t make much noise when on the road therefore the employee would be quiet natured whilst making a big impact within the office.


A muscle car is known to be bold and loud and it’s no surprise that it’s the vehicle of choice for actor Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious franchise. Muscle cars are consistent yet only get bigger,louder, and more impressive. Muscle cars are built for power and strength. Whether building up the car from scrap or just doing casual repairs, the owner of the car (or employee) will take great pride with it themselves instead of taking it to a garage, or leaving it to a line-manager.

The type of employee a muscle car would portray would be someone who is prominent and struggles not in voicing their opinion. They like to work on their tasks independently without much input from other colleagues.They fear little and will take on any task head on, giving 110% throughout. They are a good employee to have around as they are strong independent workers. This employee’s work methods will never change, but will be forever needed.


A sports car is owned by someone who truly loves driving, they are fast, stylish, and can easily stand out from the crowd. These cars are multi-purpose whether it’s in city traffic or on open roads. They are known for being diverse.

A sports car employee is very versatile and can work on many projects simultaneously. With sports cars being fast, generally this employee will work fast and live fast also, meaning they are always on the go (no stop-start). However, this employee oozes confidence, which can clash with others within your office (or, garage in this case) – not everyone aspires for a sports car.


An off-roader has been designed to be driven around hills and mountains, not cities. The drivers of these cars are usually adrenaline junkies who love the thrill of going on adventures and exploring new places.

When it comes to the workplace, these employees will be thrill seekers and not be scared of a challenge or taking a risk. When a new challenge arises these employees will be first to take the plunge and enjoy the thrill of working within the unknown. You can only get the full potential out of an off-roader when it is free to drive on rough terrain therefore the employee will work at their best when being able to work in open spaces and manage their own workload, they are not the type of people who like to be stuck on a set route.


When it comes to a supercar, they are fast, stylish, and come with a hefty price tag. Supercars are made to stand out from the crowd and draw in the attention of any passers by whether that’s by their bright colours or loud engines. A supercar is made to look good on the inside and outside, be extremely fast and belong to the elite.

A supercar employee would dominate the office and always be the centre of attention. They are always looking smart no matter what day it is, as their appearance is extremely important to them. When working within a team, this employee will strive to be the team leader as they have to have all of the attention. However, they produce high quality work at a fast pace and are always one of the quick-starters in the office. This employee is energetic and enjoys being on-the-go so moving from different workstations is a habit of theirs within the office.


The crossover is quickly becoming a very popular car. It is a family-friendly car and is ideal for families who have older children as it is more compact than a minivan but can still easily fit the weekly shopping within the boot. The crossover is a great car to be used within the city and on country roads with its high fuel efficiency and output.

When it comes to crossover employees they are capable of any task you allocate them, they are equally as willing to help their colleagues with the same tasks. With the crossover being a family car, this employee is good with people, kind natured and is the employee everyone turns to for guidance. This employee is popular amongst their colleagues and is a great role model for the whole office.


Small Car

A small car is reliable and gets their passengers from A to B, and with their small engines, they tend to not be the fastest. Smaller cars are popular with first time drivers or anyone who wants a cost effective and highly accessible car.

As small cars don’t cost much to purchase, run, insure, or tax, they are a sensible car to have. When related to the workplace, this employee would be logical and will often think about every aspect of a task well in advance to ensure that they don’t encounter any risks that they’ll struggle to deal with. If you relate to a small car, you deter from any workplace tasks that will cause stress and tasks that you do have, you will want to run as smoothly as possible. These employees are known to stay out of unnecessary dramas as it wouldn’t be sensible to get involved – with time already stricken. These small cars are very popular on UK roads for a reason, they’re efficient, cost-effective, and whilst the owners don’t often have the most experience, they are highly sought after and the first port-of-call within the office.


The luxury car is stylish like a supercar, but has been made with comfort in mind. They usually come in the form of a Range Rover or BMW X3. These cars usually dominate the roads because of their size and prowess. These cars aren’t ideal for the environment however they combine the fact they are a functional necessity by having enough room for the kids and shopping with the social status they bring.

A luxury employee enjoys being comfortable at work therefore will probably be sat in an oversized, executive office chair as it supplies them with comfort but also a social status. These employees will always have eyes on them whilst easily dominating a room with their loud tone of voice. They will never shy away from a task and take on projects head on as it’s in their nature to be reliable and headstrong.

There are many personalities within the office, some of which are too unique to be covered by a general car type, maybe some even fit along the lines of the Mystery Machine. With that said, everyone is different so their needs and preferences are going to differ widely to every other employee within the office. By identifying office personalities you can then find out how best to keep your employees happy yet productive by adapting the workplace to suit their needs.

What Worker Are You

To discover these personalities we have put together an easy to read eBook covering all of the types of employees you will find within an office space. Here we have explained what they want within the office and the best space they are likely to work in.

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