Show Your Boss How Glass Office Partitions Can Improve Collaboration

Show Your Boss How Glass Office Partitions Can Improve Collaboration

Having an office space that is too open or too closed can each have their pros and cons. While open offices are the preferred design for most workspaces because they encourage collaboration, it’s understandable they can be disruptive to concentration too. In an open office there are no quiet spaces to work. However, glass office partitions can be the perfect solution.

The Benefits Of Glass Office Partitions

Many bosses don’t want to install any type of partitions in their office (like office screens or additional walls) because they think it will inhibit teamwork. But with glass partitions, you can receive all the benefits of having additional walls without threatening morale or making employees feeling closed off. If you think your office could benefit by having some glass walls, then here are some of the benefits you can tell your boss when making your case.

Private Meeting Rooms For Collaboration

For open workspaces, it can be difficult to have team meetings without disrupting other people. Using glass partitions to create separate meeting rooms means people can easily use them for meetings without worrying they are disturbing others. People can feel more focused and encouraged to collaborate when they are in a quieter area. Just by moving away from their desk (which they have been sitting at for several hours) and into another meeting room, employees are more motivated to contribute.

Due to the transparency of the glass, managers can see the meetings room are being used appropriately.

Quiet Spaces For Working

Offering quiet spaces for people to work will benefit overall results and productivity. Depending on the type of work an employee is doing, they may prefer a quiet zone to work. Giving them a private space means they can complete their team’s assignments without disruptions.

Sets The Tone – Your Office Culture Invites Ideas

Office culture is important. It can determine employee morale and turnover. Open offices convey a clear message, that your company invites collaboration and ideas. You can see the difference in offices that use isolated cubicles. Some bosses are resistant to adopting any type of partitions into their open office design because they fear it could jeopardise overall cooperation.

As glass partitions are clear they still give a strong impression of an open office space. They provide the benefits of separate work spaces without making the office feel closed off.

Management Don’t Feel Separated

Often, many managers feel isolated from their teams when their workspaces are put in separate rooms. There are benefits to giving managers their own office: they can talk to employees in private, host meetings, answer phone calls and for a manager, having their own office is a boost for their pride.

Rather than using walls, glass partitions give managers their own space while also helping managers feel like they are still part of the loop. Employees can also see if their manager is free to talk by checking through the glass rather than presuming they are busy because their door is shut.

Invites Plenty Of Natural Light

Keeping an office well lit requires multiple office lights. Bosses should do their best to use as much natural light as possible. Natural light sources are better for concentration, productivity and morale rather than using lots of artificial lights.

Glass partitions help to invite light throughout the office. Especially if your office doesn’t have many windows, glass partitions will ensure no one loses out on natural light. As natural light can significantly benefit morale at work, it also encourages teams to be more focused and collaborate.

Glass Partitions Are More Stylish

Glass partitions are growing in popularity, especially in modern offices. While open offices have many benefits, their single flaw is they can be distracting. Using glass partitions for meeting rooms, additional offices and breakout rooms, gives teams the opportunity to collaborate in quieter and separate work zones.

If your boss is worried that additional partitions will hinder communication and collaboration, show them the benefits of using glass partitions.

Is It Time To Update Your Office Desks?

Your desk has a major influence on your productivity so it’s important you have the right workspace for your needs. As there are many types of desks, our free downloadable guide explains the benefits of each desk to help you choose the best design.

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